Connor Price at Echoplex

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Echoplex At The Echo | Los Angeles, California

Connor Price

It’s finally been announced and this is the event people have been waiting to go to for a long time! Yup, that is right, Connor Price is coming to Echoplex At The Echo on Friday 26th April 2024 and it will be the show of the spring. The enthusiasts have the same thing in common as you, so you can be certain that you will party with like-minded individuals. Sadly, tickets are becoming short in supply because fans have been buying them up so that they won’t miss the show. Be sure to get your tickets now before it is too late.

Have you heard that Connor Price is coming to Echoplex At The Echo on Friday 26th April 2024? You should have by now because it has been on all the trendy platforms. Anyhow, this will be one of the best gigs of the spring. All the genuine enthusiasts will be there and like everybody knows, they’re the best ones to party with as they always bring that awesome aura with them, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Of course, you did because you’re one of them. As for the show, you can expect to see a top-tier performance from the who’s who of the industry. The engineers at the venue have been working tirelessly to create some rather second to none sound and lighting. Los Angeles, California will also have some of the best facilities so you can expect to have those little creature comforts that will make your time out even more memorable. Nothing will be more unfortunate than your absence from Connor Price, so be sure to buy your tickets from our site before someone else beats you to it and enjoys all the festivities at Echoplex At The Echo. So, honestly what are you waiting for? Do it right now!

Connor Price at Echoplex At The Echo

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