Street parking available in abundance near the Echo and Echoplex, but this can become limited on busy event nights.

Guests are recommended to travel in by public transport using the Metro route 704 bus, or to book a parking slot at one of the surrounding parking garages situated 10—15 minutes walk of the venue in advance in order to guarantee a space at busy times.

Traffic is also likely to be heavy on these nights, so extra care should be taken to factor in time for delays in getting to the venue. We would suggest you aim to arrive at the venue doors at least half an hour prior to the start time of your event.

A list of nearby parking garages can be found below.

1. 1932 Park Avenue Garage
Car Park
1932 Park Avenue

2. 1980 Reservoir Street Parking
Car Park
1980 W Reservoir Street

3. Lot 679
Car Park
1707W Sunset Blvd

4. 1342 N Alvarado Street Parking
Car Park
1342N N Alvarado Street

5. 1321 Echo Park Avenue Parking
Car Park
1321 Echo Park Avenue