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Echoplex At The Echo | Los Angeles, California

Holding Absence

Merciless hits are about to strew across Los Angeles! Headbangers follow suit because Holding Absence is set to perform live at the Echoplex At The Echo on Saturday 20th January 2024. The whole crowd will be fully hypnotized by this live concert that is the zenith of this legendary bands most-awaited tour launching this winter and spanning the entire January. This unyielding act will demonstrate the heavy metal collective famous for their chart-topping hits and stellar stage presence for the past years. On this wild evening of metal frenzies, harden your resolve as Holding Absence delivers their ferocious tracklist, which contains some of their freshest tracks springing from their recent record. Acknowledged as one of this generation's supreme metal artists, they will promise an intense time! Make your way to the renowned Echoplex At The Echo, and frolic in the fiercest rock concert in all of California! Hurry up, as admissions are running out quickly! Conquer the crowd and make sure you're part of the action by booking your spots now!

Raise your voices to the max as the gurus of metal rock, Holding Absence performs at Echoplex At The Echo on Saturday 20th January 2024!

After an extended hiatus, Holding Absence is mounting their reappearance with a brand-new album to be highlighted in their much-awaited tour. Globally, experts and fans alike have praised it as a bombastic lineup of radical beats.

Once again, Holding Absence has clearly established they are the people’s metal paragons. This winter, pumped-up metalheads will bring in a full house at Echoplex At The Echo, probably making it the highest turnout for a single performance the location will ever experience. While audiences certainly influence an aspect of their overwhelming success, they continue to be the world’s most-acclaimed metal group, given how flawlessly their music transcends through generations.

Their past gigs without a doubt emphasized this message strongly, as the sea of concertgoers painted an broad and inclusive array of fans from steadfast enthusiasts who’ve idolized them since their early phase, to more recent watchers who’ve were introduced to Holding Absence through their trending appearances.

Join us for a moshing time and let Holding Absence hypnotize the crowds at the Echoplex At The Echo - a renowned spot for live concert shows in California! Get the best metal experience as this venue promises advanced sounds and lighting effects.

Get your tickets in advance now, and arm up for a metal extravaganza like no other!

Holding Absence at Echoplex At The Echo

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