Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms at Echoplex

Xeno And Oaklander Tickets

Echoplex | Los Angeles, California

Get your Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms t-shirt ready, or whatever fan attire you may have! Because Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms is playing LIVE at Echoplex on Sunday 12th May 2019. A date that will surely be marked on your calendar. So purchase your ticket now and come on down to Echoplex this May for an unforgettable night of live music by your favorite Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms. What a exciting night out in Los Angeles to look forward to! This Sunday night in May will be one of the best live music concerts that Los Angeles has to offer. Don't miss out! Ensure you invite friends and family, they won't want to miss this either.

California is known as one of the finest states for music fans across the US. Fans travel from all over to watch their favorite stars live in person. Echoplex is one of the largest capacity venues in California for worldwide A-list stars to tour at, situated in the center of Los Angeles where the social scene buzzes around it. Right now, Echoplex is gearing up to welcome the widely anticipated Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms with open doors on the Sunday 12th May 2019! This will not be the average Sunday session, even for Echoplex! Los Angeles will be overflowing with excitement all ready to be part of one of the most exciting and energetic live performances this year! We have a select few tickets remaining so get your's now and make sure you're in that audience to see Xeno And Oaklander, SRDQ & Chasms’s music performed right before your eyes!

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