, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon at Echoplex Tickets

Echoplex | Los Angeles, California

We adore a great pop concert, more so when we find out, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon will be back on tour for fall, 2022! Can you picture that crowd? Vibing and thriving on a Saturday night to those catchy tunes this September? It's going to be unsurpassed!, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon are everywhere right now! We bet you can't wait! If you'd also like to experience, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon in action down at the top arena California, Los Angeles has to offer……the wonderful Echoplex on Saturday 3rd September 2022, then book your entry today! Press the 'get tickets' link just above!, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon at Echoplex

Pop stars have a knack for doing breathtaking concerts, lots of pop lovers even prefer the LIVE over studio albums, because lets face it….That atmosphere, is there anything more incredible? Well, the favorite POP act on the scene,, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon has decided to announce a new tour for fall, 2022 and it looks like the stuff of legends… are too excited! It there doesn't seem to be a second that you don't see something about the breathtaking, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon….taking over the internet, your top ten on Spotify and your friends seem to adore, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon maybe even more! Feels like you should be there this Saturday in September! Imagine it! The biggest evening in pop this year will take place at Echoplex, California, Los Angeles on Saturday 3rd September 2022, access can be purchased straight from this page, just click the little 'get tickets' link you will see on this page!, Candy, Regulate & Living Weapon at Echoplex

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