Mac Sabbath at Echoplex

Mac Sabbath Tickets

Echoplex | Los Angeles, California

Do you feel the storm coming? Do you feel the hype in the air? California is longingly waiting for the musical tornado that is coming its way: the one and only Mac Sabbath! The whole of Echoplex shaking from the tunes of Mac Sabbath, a crowd singing like one, experiencing a performance of a lifetime. This is what awaits you and thousands of other fans from all around the country on Saturday 18th January 2020 – a night of monumental proportions, outstanding talent, a night when musical dreams will become reality. Get your ticket and take your gang to the leading gig of 2020!

Mac Sabbath at Echoplex

If you want to take your music experience to the next level, there’s no better venue to do it than Echoplex. That’s because this excellent Los Angeles concert hall features sound engineering and design by the sharpest minds in the music scene to deliver crisp and clear sound every time. It also offers floor space for you to dance the night away taken by the live tunes of your favorite performers. No matter how you wish to celebrate incredible music, you can enjoy seating that’s just right for you as Echoplex is known for its comfortable and intimate seating. This epic venue accommodates both buzzing fans who love to go all the way and have an insane night and guests who go for a more calm atmosphere. No matter which group you belong to, you will definitely have a memorable experience, and not only because Mac Sabbath are the best in the field. You will have a pleasant evening from start to finish with the top five-start restaurants just around the corner. So bring your friends and family for one legendary Saturday night because there is something for everyone at Echoplex! Get your tickets by hitting the button bellow.

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